New Opportunities: September 21, 2021

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This week: FREE or stipend related trainings with our partners: Kenan Fellows, Smithsonian, Vulcan, ASU, NCCSM, and Work in Burke!!

A Cross-Curricular Exploration of Food and the Environment From the Mountains to the Coast

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership is thrilled to partner with the Environmental Protection Agency and Durham Public Schools to offer an exciting Professional Development opportunity for 25 K-12 educators. Thanks to a generous grant from the Merck Foundation, the Kenan Fellows Program is offering 3 virtual sessions this year during Early Release Days focusing on food, environmental justice, and related issues from the mountains to the coast, culminating in a trip to the EPA and a free overnight trip to the NC Coastal Federation next summer. Each virtual session is facilitated by Kenan Fellows Alumni, and chosen educators will receive a $100 stipend upon completion for their involvement.

Virtual Session #1 (slated for October 28th, 2020): Talk with various organizations and partners to learn about Durham and it’s historical connection with food, as well as some organizations that are helping to provide healthy options for everyone.

Virtual Session #2 (slated for April 28th, 2021): Meet with industry partners and organizations in Western North Carolina to see what the foothills and mountains of North Carolina offer in the world of agriculture to the benefit of our state’s economy.

Virtual Session #3 (TBD sometime in late July to early August 2021): This session will be combined with a field trip to the coast to see how the NC Coastal Federation utilizes aquaculture to support local businesses and the environment.

Each virtual session will be immediately followed by an opportunity to reflect and connect with the other chosen educators, and there will be an introductory session on Early Release day 10/7/2020 and a brainstorming work session on Early Release day 2/24/2021.

A virtual or in-person tour of the EPA and all of their resources available to educators is included and will happen in early summer 2021.

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Back to School: Engaging Students in Transdisciplinary Learning through Food!

As schools across the globe see students and teachers returning to the classroom or undertaking distance learning, the Smithsonian Science Education Center is supporting educators to engage students in exciting, transdisciplinary learning that can be done in or out of the classroom.

The Smithsonian Science for Global Goals module, Food! How do we ensure good nutrition for all? Supports young people to investigate issues of food and nutritional security in their own communities, and in communities across the globe. This module brings together science and engineering education with social studies, health and civics to engage students in mapping food access points in their own communities, analyzing food and nutritional guidelines from around the world, exploring recipes and ingredients, and engineering better food storage containers, among other activities.

Over the months of September and October, the Smithsonian Science Education Center will host three webinars to provide educators with support to use the Food! How do we ensure good nutrition for all? module in their own classrooms or distance learning contexts.

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Work in Burke: Resources!

The following resources can be accessed by all districts to provide students with opportunities to explore regional careers!

Career videos!

Career Exploration by type!

Summer Ventures & Governor’s School Webinar

Are you wondering what academic enrichment opportunities you might line up for next summer? Do you know a great student who would benefit from a summer enrichment program but you are not sure what to recommend? Join us in this informational webinar to learn more about North Carolina’s two signature programs offered to high school students, Governor’s School and Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics.

Webinar Opportunity: Transformational Summer Programs for High School Students: Summer Ventures and Governor’s School

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT 

Students, Families, Teachers and School Counselors,

Register here:

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