Our Staff

Dr. Carol Moore

Dr. Carol Moore is the CEO & President of STEM West, a non-profit, working to create partnerships between educators and local STEM businesses in western NC. She brings with her 30+ years of experience in science and math education that includes seven years as a curriculum specialist. As a specialist, she managed science kit refurbishment programs, provided an array of PD opportunities, wrote and managed multiple grants, and built partnerships with local STEM businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.  Throughout her career, she has been active in the NC Science Teachers Association and NC Science Leaders Association.

Dr. Donna Heavner

Dr. Donna Heavner is the Program Director of STEM West. Donna has 30+ years of experience in math education and school administration. As a math teacher and school administrator, she has experience with strategic, instructional, cultural, and human resources leadership. This work has also allowed her to be a liaison with many community organizations to ensure support for school programs. She has led numerous trainings relative to support for students and leadership across the state.