We Are Inviting Every Elementary School in North Carolina to Host a “Family Code Night” – This School Year

February 13, 2019

(Feb 13, 2019)  On March 12, elementary schools across North Carolina will be recognized for scheduling an important event in family engagement and computer science education: “Family Code Night.”  At the March 12 program launch, K-5 parents statewide, including 120,000 PTA members, will be invited to www.NCNights.org to see if their school is among those hosting this free and important evening program later this spring. 

Family Code Night has been recognized with an invitation to the White House, and on the front page of the New York Times. Hosting a Family Code Night is within the capability of nearly any school, no coding experience is required, and all needed materials are provided. It is an ideal next step any school can take to advance K-5 family engagement and computer science learning. 

Principals & Educators: Don’t be left out! Visit www.NCNights.org, download the Event Kit, schedule a Family Code Night for April or May, and put your school on “The Map” for Mar 12!

Program Partners

North Carolina Family Code Nights is supported by a remarkable collaboration of the state’s education, STEM and political leaders.

Visit www.NCNights.org to learn more and to schedule your school’s Family Code Night!

Download the NCFCN Invitation